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July 23, 2017    AntohaOgv  from Karakol, Kyrgyzstan   

July 20, 2017    Jeremy  from New York City, USA   

Ray, I saw a picture of you in BB Kings. I'll be coming with my wife and her brother to see you. See you soon.

May 26, 2017    Adrian  from London, UK   

Ray!! Iron Maiden are playing LA soon. Let me know if you'd like to come. Hope it's all going great. A

Reply from Ray:
Thanks Adrian! All good here. I'll messsge you. Best

October 23, 2016    Billy Baxter  from Toronto, Canada  (none)

Hi Ray, It has been a long time.So much to catch up with.

June 06, 2016    jon macvean  from sparta michigan, usa  (na)

the baycity new album 2015 what is it titled what record label thanks jon macvean pobox434 sparta mi 49345

May 17, 2016    Ronnie Clark  from Newcastle, UK   

Hi Ray, How are you doing top man? life still good for you in Cal? Super revamped site! Kind regards, Ronnie

April 29, 2016    Robert Bretscher  from Winterthur, Switzerland   

Hi Ray how are you and your family i hope fin! Look on Google Robert Bretscher Gymnastics so you can see a picture from me on gymlive and you are on the same side with your Name Ray Weston Drums thats so good!!! I wish you all the best and many greatings from Switzerland!!! Robert

September 13, 2015    Leo St Pierre  from Montreal, Canada   

Hi Ray, Just wanted to say it was great meeting you at John's -- and you are a bloody BRILLIANT drummer!I have ordered the CDs you suggested, and I hope our paths cross in the near future. Best, Leo

September 11, 2015    Owen  from irvine, america   

Amazing drum teacher

August 24, 2015    Trevor Hough  from Mithian, St. Agnes, Cornwall, UK   

Is it true you still owe rent for Sunny Gardens Road? ????

Reply from Ray:
Trevor !! Is it really you .. Haha ! Great to be in touch :)

May 18, 2015    Katie  from London, UK   

Hi Ray, it's Katie here in England! I can't believe I've only just realised you've got your own looks incredible and reminds me what an amazing career you've always had and how much you've put into it all; you truly deserve the status you've achieved. I've been married for 19 years now and we have two brilliant teenage boys. I teach drama, life has been good, and I'm sure we are all still inspired by the very special people we have shared our lives with along the way. It would be so wonderful to see you again one day so let us know if you are ever back in England - I am still in touch with Teresa, Fred and Richard and we'd love to come to a gig! With love always, Katie

Reply from Ray:
Katie !! Wonderful to hear from you and glad to hear life is good. I'll email you x

April 22, 2015    Claudio Ortiz  from Huntington Beach, United States   

Hello Ray. It has been a few years since I took drum lessons from you and I wanted to thank you for what you taught me. I am still playing around Orange County and hope to catch one of your shows.

Reply from Ray:
Thanks Claudio. Good to hear from you. check the website at for concert shows. Hope to catch up soon. Best wishes

March 18, 2015    Ray Weston  from USA   

Hi Friends. Thanks to all who check in and those who leave messages. Much appreciated! I've been keeping pretty busy with drum and musical activities. I ventured into producing a few years ago and just completed my third cd release for Justin Schmidt, now available from ITUNES or cd - 'Do you care' is the title. I have some dates coming up soon with Iron Butterfly (checkout for performance details. Thanks to all. Love and respect. Ray

June 14, 2014    Rik  from Belfast, Northern Ireland   

Hi ray...I miss your groove in the ash..your playing on the live in hamburg has grt feel and attitude,grooving like the great Andy Newmark:) Keep it groovy,rik

Reply from Ray:
Cheers Rik. I'm humbled to even be mentioned under the same breath as AN! Hope all's well with you. See you on FB ;)Ray

April 30, 2014    Luis  from Torrance, USA   

Yo Ray, Any more Iron butterfly gigs coming up? Sorry to hear about Lee. Very sad..

Reply from Ray:
Hi Luis. Checkout - There should be dates posted soon. All the best. ray

February 22, 2014    James  from California, USA   

Nice playing last night Ray! and thanks for the chat after. You're a great musical drummer.

November 20, 2013    Geoff  from Leicester, UK   

Hi Ray, It's been awhile since you were playing with the old Ash now. I remember some cracking shows when you were with them. I heard you were playing with Iron Butterfly . Is that still going on? Take care, Geoff

Reply from Ray:
Cheers Geoff. All the best mate

July 14, 2013    Julian  from Boston Ma, USA   

Hi Ray, hope all is well and summer is going good for you and yours! Keep playing, you are a great drummer!!!!

Reply from Ray:
Thanks Julian. Kind words. Hope all's well with in Cape Cod and you're playing. All the best..

June 25, 2013    Roland Link  from Birmingham, England  (

Hi Ray, I wrote a book about Stiff Little Fingers' original career called Kicking Up A Racket a while a go (Appletree Press). I'm now writing/researching a book on the Ruts/Ruts DC. Was wondering if you'd mind sharing any memories you have of playing with Paul Fox's band Choir Militia (I know you played on the single 'Sharpen The Knife'). All the Best, Roland

Reply from Ray:
Cheers Roland. I'll email you..

June 20, 2013    Bodo Schumacher  from Dresden   

Hi Ray. Are you coming to play Germany again soon with anybody?

Reply from Ray:
Hi Bodo. No plans as yet to come over. As soon as anything comes about I'll post. Thanks for dropping by.. Ray

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